Saturday, November 29, 2008

Two Kinds of Sourdough Rye Breads

This one is called Swedish Limpa Rye Bread. It was made with a rye sourdough starter, but also contains yeast. Molasses gives it a nice dark color and it has some interesting spices in it as well - cardamon, fennel and anise seeds plus orange oil. One cannot really taste it that much in the bread. I baked this bread directly on a pizza stone with steam which gives it a rustic look and a thick and chewy crust. If you have good teeth and love rye bread, then this one or the next one would be perfect for you. I grew up on rye bread and love it, unfortunately I do not have good teeth....

This is another take on the 50% rye bread made with rye sourdough starter. Again, thick and chewy crust with a moist interior. This one only has caraway and anise seeds in it. The good thing about rye bread is that it keeps a long time.

Speaking of rye sourdough - here it is, bubbling away. This one is ready to be used in bread baking.

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