Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mommy's Little Helper

How come I have all this time to bake all these cookies?
Well, you see, I have a little helper. Here he is:

Nimai, a future scientist ... or maybe just a baker like mommy...

He is not any real help per se, he is helping me by keeping himself busy clanging pots and pans together or playing with the beaters of the mixer. When I turn on the mixer he always wants to be picked up to see the mixer arm turning, or the grinding of the nuts into nut meal, or the grain mill turning wheat into flour. He is so curious. I call him curious George.

And then there is the time he takes a nap, usually only a short one, but still a nap. As soon as he is asleep, I turn on my mixer and start baking. He usually wakes up well before I am done though. I guess he does not want to miss out on the action...

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