Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bohemian Sourdough Rye Bread (NO yeast)

This bread is about half wheat half rye flour and was made without yeast. By the time I found a minute to take this picture, the bread was already several days old, but still tasted great. The advantage of using sourdough over yeast is that sourdough bread is a good keeper. It does not dry out as fast as yeasted bread and the addition of rye flour helped in this regard as well. Actually, we had the last slice of this bread today for dinner with our soup and although the bread was already 10 days old, it still tasted good, just a little bit on the dry side. Even though I baked it as a free form loaf it did not flatten when I turned it out onto the baking sheet from the proofing basket. I am starting to like unyeasted sourdough bread so much that I might just not bake yeasted bread any more, at least not for my family...

When it comes to the people I bake for, they mostly prefer a square loaf of nicely risen yeast bread and I do not blame them. After all, this is what most of them grew up eating. And I am happy baking it for them. After all, the customer is king.... or queen....


Nico S said...

I find your bread absolutely marvellous, without the slightest defect!
Please, can you post the recipe you used for this one? You use a rye sourdough, right? Can you please list the ingredients and explain the procedure to use?

I have a rye sourdough myself, but for the time being it seems to be unable to grow solid loaves (it rises pasty compounds, though).


Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been looking for yeast and wheat free bread all over. Where can I get your bread? Where are you located? I'm from Austria and live in LA.
Thanks Claudia

Varacita said...

I do not bake bread for customers at this point in time. A started attending college over a year ago, and I do not have time to bake for other people anymore. Also, I am located in Florida. That's quite a ways from LA....
Have you tried to find it in health food stores? I think some companies sell organic yeast-free, wheat-free bread. You can usually find these breads in the frozen foods section. Good luck!