Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Janardan's Birthday Cake

This is the last birthday cake I made for my family. This one was for Janardan.

Janardan did not like that the writing on this cake turned out to be purple instead of blue. I do not use anything artificial for my family, so natural food coloring it had to be. I got blue natural food coloring from Ward's, but since it is made of blueberry concentrate, it turned out to be this color when I mixed it with the icing. I found another brand of natural food coloring the other day and I will see if it will work better.

Here is a close-up of the cake. It was a carrot pineapple cake with cream cheese icing. I guess it was too healthy because the kids weren't really crazy about it but the adults all liked it. There was not a crumb of cake left when the party was over, so it could not have been so bad. Actually, I got a lot of positive feedback for the cake.

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