Sunday, December 27, 2009

Baby Shower Cake - It's a Girl!

I made this cake for a baby shower I organized. I messed up with the writing on the cake. I guess I was too tired when I got to the last touches. I wanted the writing to curve and it did work on the top part but the "Girl!" did not want to curve...

3 layers of vanilla cake with professional buttercream icing and powdered sugar icing for the basket weave and the writing and flowers on the top of the cake. The layers were sandwiched with raspberry buttercream.

Pretty basketweave. Takes a long time to do.

The baby is not marzipan or anything else edible. Since I did not have much time I just bought this baby at the Party Shop where they sell them as party favors. Still cute though.

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Anonymous said...

looks great! hope n. enjoyed the cake!