Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day Cake aka 4th of July Flag Cake

My family was invited to an Independence Day BBQ (vegetarian, of course) party. We were invited kind of last minute and I only had short notice to prepare a dessert I was asked to bring. I immediately thought of making a flag cake since I had seen one a day earlier at the public library here on the cover of a magazine. I did not have the recipe, so I just made one up. I baked a sheet cake and frosted it with cream cheese buttercream icing and whipping cream. The hostess had requested to use spelt flour in the cake batter because her husband is allergic to wheat. I usually use whole wheat pastry flour for cakes but the spelt flour worked great as well.
The blue part is made with blueberries and the red stripes are obviously made with strawberries. Sorry, I do not have time to post the recipe. I have a very active 16 month old and I spend most of my day keeping him out of trouble and cleaning up the mess he constantly makes. He is a very naughty boy, and also very curious and very smart.

Yes, I did put 50 stars and 13 stripes on the cake. I like being authentic....
And I am not even an American, but the rest of my family is.


Pauline said...

Hello !

I found your blog on google and to be honest its a really good surprise !
My name is Pauline and i am french. i live in south of france. (That's why my english can sound wrong sorry ...). I was surching some american recipes because in a few days its my best friend birthday and he is like in love with the USA ! He went to the US once and he saw this independence day flag cake. He was like : woooow !!! That's why i would love to cook this cake for him.
Yours seems to be really really good !
Can i ask you if you can give me the recipe please ? It would be really nice of you :) But of course if you cant i understand :) I was just asking.
All of your cakes looks delicious ! I wish i can be such a good cook!

I look forward an answer :)

Take care.


Varacita said...

Please send me your e-mail address. I am extremely busy but if you let me know when you need the recipe at the latest, I might be able to help.


Pauline said...

Thanks to you for your answer this is really nice of you!
Here's my email address :
I'll need the recipe for the 29th of August. Do you think it would be possible?
Thanks again for your answer!